Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hogmanay fireworks, Edinburgh 2009

Happy New Year everyone! :D :D

We had a great night yesterday starting with drinks at the hotel followed by a sumptuous dinner at The Witchery.

We left the Witchery at 11:45pm to find that the Royal Mile had been closed due to a gas leak. Now I had discovered earlier that I would not be allowed to stand and take photos at the top of the Mile directly infront of the Castle as that area was reserved for a private function inside. A friendly policeman told us that we would infact be able to stand there due to the inconvenience of the gas leak closing off most parts of the street. I was really excited at this news but when I rushed up to the spot some guards there informed our helpful policeman that we STILL were not allowed there. This left me with about 10 minutes to find a spot. My wife shouted at me "David, GO!" so I raced off down a flight of icy steps to the next street and raced along that to find this spot here in the photo. The Castle lighting was TURNED OFF when the fireworks started throwing the near side into darkness so to get this shot I've layered two different exposures, one where the Castle was illuminated by numerous bursts from above.

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens.

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