Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nudgee Beach

Nudgee Beach, originally uploaded by greenplasticdave.

There must have been some sort of meet-up arranged here this morning. When I turned up there were about ten other photogs there.

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens. 0.9 Hard grad.

Ran it through DPHDR too for some pseudo HDR toning.

I really must try to get a different composition from Nudgee Beach :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

York Minster Chapter House

The excellent Chapter House at York Minster. Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens using a Panosaurus tripod head. I used Hugin to stitch this and Dynamic Photo HDR for the dynamic range processing.

This one is definitely worth viewing in the interactive panorama.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shorncliffe sunrise

Shorncliffe sunrise, originally uploaded by greenplasticdave.

Welcome back to Australia. My first sunrise since arriving back in the land down under :) I tried to get something a little different this time.

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens (Love this lens BTW) 0.9 Hard drad. Pseudo HDR toning applied in DPHDR.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire.

A very cold and windy morning at Saltwick Bay in Yorkshire.

I got up at 7am to try and find this spot yesterday and after driving up and down Hawsker road three times I decided to head toward the holiday park and lo' there was the cliff overlooking the bay. I opened the car door and nearly had it wrenched from my hand by the wind. Leaving my camera bag in the car, I walked over to the cliff edge and looked down into the bay. This was the correct spot alright but how do I get down? I noticed off to my right a VERY narrow dirt track winding down the hill. Ah ha! So I grabbed my bag from the car and made for the start of the track to be greeted by a very comforting sign:

"This path is not maintained by the holiday park. Use at own risk. Path in a dangerous condition"

I love those signs. They remind me of the equally welcomingl:

"Road maintained by public donation"

...signs that I see in Australia.

Anyway, I took the path but decided to turn back after a few metres because the wind was INSANE!!! and I didn't fancy being BLOWN down to the bay.

With no photos taken that morning I was a little disappointed but resolved to go back the next day which is when I took the shot you see here. The conditions were a little better though the path was still a bit tricky and muddy. Tomorrow there will be some sunshine. Hear me, weather?

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens.

HDR [-2,0+2]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rushing in

Rushing in, originally uploaded by greenplasticdave.

The problem with these shots is having to clean water off the filter(s) every few shots as the camera was only just above the water as it rushed in. This was taken just down on the shore at Largs, Scotland and using an itty bitty mini tripod to get REALLY low :)

Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Largs beach

Largs beach, originally uploaded by greenplasticdave.

Sunrise yesterday down at the beach in Largs, Scotland. The front of the lens was mere inches from the foreground rocks here so to maintain sharp focus to the background I shot each of my bracketed images at three different focal planes and put them together in CombineZM before running through DPHDR.

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hogmanay fireworks, Edinburgh 2009

Happy New Year everyone! :D :D

We had a great night yesterday starting with drinks at the hotel followed by a sumptuous dinner at The Witchery.

We left the Witchery at 11:45pm to find that the Royal Mile had been closed due to a gas leak. Now I had discovered earlier that I would not be allowed to stand and take photos at the top of the Mile directly infront of the Castle as that area was reserved for a private function inside. A friendly policeman told us that we would infact be able to stand there due to the inconvenience of the gas leak closing off most parts of the street. I was really excited at this news but when I rushed up to the spot some guards there informed our helpful policeman that we STILL were not allowed there. This left me with about 10 minutes to find a spot. My wife shouted at me "David, GO!" so I raced off down a flight of icy steps to the next street and raced along that to find this spot here in the photo. The Castle lighting was TURNED OFF when the fireworks started throwing the near side into darkness so to get this shot I've layered two different exposures, one where the Castle was illuminated by numerous bursts from above.

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 10-20mm lens.