Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fingal Head

Just back from a nice if somewhat sleep deprived weekend on the Gold Coast.

This shot was taken at sunrise on Saturday (17th) morning after getting up at 3:30am, driving for 40 minutes then trekking through the bush in the dark (with torch) to get there it was an enjoyable jaunt even if just to watch the fishermen scrambling over the rocks :P

This is a three shot panorama taken with the camera in landscape orientation and using a 0.9 Hard grad to bring the sky down.

I had the luxury of being able to wait for nice looking waves, capturing them at each pano position and then stitching ones I liked later on. This enabled me to make a pano with nice waves entering AND leaving the little channel. The chaotic pattern of the water makes any stitching errors invisible :P

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D with a 17-85mm lens.

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