Friday, September 18, 2009

This is a 360 panorama taken using a Panosaurus on a Canon EOS 40D with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. Yes that's right I used the 50mm lens instead of the 17-85mm. Those of you in the know will understand the smaller field of view this gives and therefore how long it would take to do a full 360 degrees in just one plane never mind tilting up and down and doing a further 360.

I stood in the cathedral for two hours doing this, went for lunch, came back and set up in the exact same spot and took the rest of the pics for another hour and a half.

I wanted to see how it looked with the 50mm lens as it's such a nice sharp little thing :) I'm not just a glutton for punishment :P

Processing this thing took FOUR DAYS in Hugin. It's an HDR panorama as you can probably tell, I love the tones in stone with HDR. Hugin balked when I threw all of the exposures at it so I put them through Photomatix first and then went back to Hugin having divided the image count I was giving it by three. It chugged away happily for the next few days and presented me with this fine image :)

The original image is over 133 Megapixels in size :P Yum!

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