Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stormy Shorncliffe

Stormy Shorncliffe, originally uploaded by greenplasticdave.

Not long after this shot the clouds got really serious but there was just enough of a gap left to squeeze a little bit of sunlight through. I wanted to get really close to the old metal bars here so I resorted to my mini tripod and rested it as close as possible to the edge of the stone shelf. Seconds after this shot all the colour was gone and the rain appeared. Walking back to the shore I met a man walking his dog though to be more accurate he was 'swimming' his dog really. He walked along the pier and the dog SWAM along side, deeper and deeper into the water. I commented on his dogs determination. I doff my hat to you doggy swimmer :)

Taken on a Canon EOS 40D, Sigma 10-20mm and a 0.9 hard grad.

Pseudo HDR from one RAW file tone mapped in DPHDR.

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